How We Decided to Move From One Hometown to Another

What forces draw people to and away from their hometowns? It seems we spend most of our early years yearning to get as far away as possible, but many of us return after some time away. In February 2016, we decided to forgo renting and become homeowners in Bath, Michigan – my hometown. I convinced […]

Selling Your Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking of listing your home soon? So are we. After reading many, many sources online, talking to our realtor, and a little personal experience, we came up with a list of updates to consider when preparing your home for sale. These ideas are not market secrets; in fact, most are plain common sense, but common […]

Painting Dark Trim White

I had another snow day this past Tuesday. After several cups of coffee and getting caught up on grading assignments before the end of the semester, I decided to be productive around the house. I began working on a project for a friend, but quickly hit a roadblock and decided to start another. Hilary and […]